Decide™ for iOS

Our decision-making iPhone App, Decide™, calculates the best Decision for you, based on how much each Alternative contributes to your Life Values.  Our recent update improves reliability and adds iPad compatibility.  See the introductory video.  Buy it now on the App Store.

Decide™ helps you:

  • make accurate decisions based on your own life values?
  • ensure that each decision you make moves you closer to the life you really want?

Decide™ also helps you get to know yourself by helping you:

  • define and refine your life values,
  • set their importance to you,
  • use them to decide among two or more alternatives.

Here's how it works.  Decide™ allows you to say how much each alternative contributes to each of your life values.  Decide™ uses those contributions, along with each life value's importance to you, to calculate a winning alternative. Its a simple but powerful technique.

Watch the short video

Over time, your list of life values and their importance to you will become complete, accurate and highly refined. Besides knowing yourself better, you will make decisions even more quickly and accurately.

Start today making decisions which align with your Life Value.  Buy Decide™ now on the App Store.

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