How to Use a Spreadsheet to Make Decisions

You can use a spreadsheet to make decisions based on your life values.  Here is a picture of big example of a spreadsheet I used recently to prioritize some web sites I'm developing.

how to use a spreadsheet to make a decision

The life values along the top are obviously not my only life values but rather the ones relevant to the decision.  Note that I had to iteratively add life values to the mix in order to get results I liked.  In the process I discovered things about myself which I can use in future decisions relating to technical pursuits.

The number directly below each life value represents how important the life value is in the context of this decision and is used as a weighting for the column underneath it.  That column shows each web site's contribution to the life value.

The rightmost 'score' column shows the sum of each row, i.e. each alternative -- in this case each web site, with each row member weighted by the importance of the life value.

See?  Its a little complicated but if you send us a message via the site contact form we can send you a copy of the spreadsheet for your own use.

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