You Can Be More Decisive

One of the most powerful skills to improve your life is to be more decisive. Powerful, successful, intelligent people often make decisions quickly:

  • Japan's warrior class, the Samurai, made decisions within seven breaths.
  • Successful business people usually decide carefully but quickly.  
  • Chess, famous for being slow, forces tournament players to choose their moves as quickly as possible, under pressure of the chess clock.

Some life decisions encompass many life values and have many alternatives. In those cases decision tools can be helpful in clarifying one's life values, their relative importances and how each alternative contributes to those life values. See our iOS App, Decide™ or the decision-making spreadsheet

Once you make a decision, action flows naturally from it. Only action can lead to earthly successes and pleasures.

On this site we discuss aspects of decision-making, strategies of being more decisive and tools to support deciding.

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